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LCL is a fully equipped workshop capable to handle all kinds of repairs. Our technicians are trained to monitor the differences in performance levels of your vehicle. If you find the check engine or service engine light displayed, visit us and we will check the complaints through our diagnostic tools. We check the engine performance and obtain useful information about the condition of your engine and based on the check report, we will determine the extent of repairs required.

advantages of engine diagnostics

Engine is the heart and regular engine maintenance will ensure that your engine performs at peak conditions. When you see the signs indicating trouble; either in check engine or service engine sign light or slow cranking or idling or stalling, the engine is facing complaints. Having an engine diagnostics will help you to find the issue and this will offer the solution to address the engine complaints. If you ignore it, you may face more issues later on or will have break down and all the problems associated with it. Why not visit us and let us check what the issue is! Our auto engine diagnostics and service experts are trained to accurately diagnose the problem and provides you a complete analysis of the current condition of the engine with what is required to address the problem and the estimated costs.

Steps in Engine Diagnostics

  • Our technicians will inspect your engine system
  • Check the performance by engine diagnostics
  • Have a road test
  • Have fuel pressure test
  • Visual inspection of emissions system & other under hood systems.
  • Check for system issues.
  • Will provide you with a complete analysis of the current conditions
  • What repairs required
  • Cost estimate

Engine Diagnostics

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We offer repairs to most of the makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles..

Repair Work offered

Air Intake Cleaning & Filter Changing - Anti-Lock Brake Service & Diagnostics - Brakes - Batteries - Catalytic Converters - Clutches & Gearbox testing - Coil Packs - Coolant Leaks - Coolant Leaks - Distributor cap & rotor - Electrical Works - Emissions - Engine Sensors - Fuel Pump - Head gasket repairs - Ignition module & wires - Oil Leaks - Suspension - Timing Belts & Chains